Diving in Kona, Hawaii

I absolutely LOVE diving in Kona, Hawaii (the Big Island). The fish are colorful, much of the diving is accessible from shore, and the water is warm and blue. Most of my love of Kona, and my experience with the many dive sites, I can credit to my friends Terry & Donna Miller (of Black Rock [...]

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Alki Fishing Reef

There are two main ways to do this dive, from a boat or scooter from shore.  As a boat dive compared to other spots in the PNW it's good, but as a shore dive it's awesome! Plan to splash 30-45 minutes before slack on flood before ebb so you have the current at your back [...]

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My Favorite Pacific Northwest Shore Dives

One of the best things about the Puget Sound is that we have a ton of good to great local shore diving. I'm told by divers that have moved away to Oregon or even some areas of the tropics like Thailand, it's the biggest thing they miss. Always having to plan for a boat to [...]

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PB4Y Privateer

One of my favorite local tech dives is the PB4Y Privateer in Lake Washington, which I affectionately call just "the bomber". It sits in roughly 150' and is only about a 15-17 minute scooter ride from Warren G Magnuson Park. This is NOT a tech-reational dive, nor one I'd do on deep air. The lake [...]

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