Floating Deco Station

The shipwreck diving platform is a combination of two elements: the down line system and the free floating deco station. It requires four people to easily deploy these two apparatus. Surface Support, Safety & Expedition Divers will all help deploy these tools. To setup the down line system, the first thing you need to do is hook the wreck. [...]

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Pacific Northwest Dive Clubs and Groups

Online dive forums and resources can be a great source of information and help you get excited about learning new techniques, exploring new dive sites or areas, and meeting new dive buddies. Always remember that people's opinions vary, as does their actual experience and knowledge on a subject..so just be aware of that as you get [...]

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Scuba Checklist

Night Before Plug in Rechargeable Light Battery / Change backup batteries Charge Scooter Battery (if you have one) Don't Forget to bring Scuba certification card (if you need gas fills) DAN Card (just in case) Dive Log & RDP Crab License Headlamp (if at night) What to Wear to the Dive Site Sweatpants Swimsuit (if in [...]

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Standard Gases

I often get asked how do you know what mixes of bottom gas to take on a dive? There are two schools of thinking here, Best Mix for the dive or Standard Mixes for a variety of dives. Essentially Best Mix means you calculate the mix based on the planned depth of the dive. So [...]

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What to Expect on Open Water Night One

Typically Open Water Classes are either taught in two ways: Four Days of Classroom & Pool, 1 Weekend of Open Water Dives (e.g. Tues/Thurs, Tues/Thurs & Sat/Sun for Open Waters) Intensive: Two Full Weekends, actually starting on Friday evening. For the regular four day class, please come prepared to your first night having completed the Knowledge [...]

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What to Expect on Your Open Water Dives

We will do Open Waters at Alki Cove 1 or Cove 2 (depending on the crowd). We'll be having LOTS of FUN, but there are a few things that will make that even more fun: Get some nice warm tea / cocoa / soup and enjoy it before you arrive BRING HOT WATER to warm yourself up [...]

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