Required skill descriptions

Surface Support Team Member

We are always looking for energetic individuals to assist in our dive operations. Surface support and safety divers are an integral part of our team and their assistance is greatly appreciated. A single individual will often carry out both positions of surface support and safety diver due to limited space on the boat. Pre Dive Over 18 Willingness [...]

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Safety Diver

The role of the safety diver is a critical one for deep diving operations. It helps ensure the safety of everyone involved and generally makes the exploration diver's lives a whole lot easier while doing the deco time on the line. Often the safety diver also plays the role of surface support team member before [...]

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Survival Swim

Objective: To keep yourself on the surface for 10 minutes. Value: This ensures that you are able comfortable in the water and able to care for yourself in the event of a minor equipment problem. Steps to Perform: Relax Tread water for 10 minutes

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Equalize Your Ears

Objective: To safely and with NO PAIN whatsoever, equalize your ears for going underwater. Value: This skill is very important to snorkeling, skin diving and scuba diving in that it allows you to AVOID the pain of jumping into the bottom of the pool your remember as a kid. What happened there is that you [...]

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Continuous Surface Swim

Objective:  Continuously swim for 200 yards OR Continuously swim for 300 yards with a mask, fins and snorkel Value: This ensures that you're comfortable in teh water and able to make those sometimes long surface swims out to where the interesting diving might be. Steps to Perform: Relax Remember this isn't a race [there's no time limit] Swim [via any [...]

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