When I’m packing for a local overnight dive trip, in addition to all my normal gear, you have to remember those extras that make the experience nicer.

Sometimes room in your vehicle will constrain these of course.

TL;DR list

  1. Your normal dive gear
  2. A way to charge everything overnight
  3. A way to dry it all
  4. Stuff to handle emergencies
  5. Comfort goodies

Now think about all that stuff in your house and your garage you depend on after a dive

Chargers for your

  1. Canister light
  2. Video lights / photo strobes,
  3. GoPro / camera
  1. Scooter 😁
  2. Power strip for all those chargers

Ways to dry out your stuff

  1. Drysuit hanger
  2. Under garment hanger
  3. Extra clothes hangers with clips (gloves, socks, chanmies)
  1. Dehumidifier for the room (if space allows)

Spares in case anything goes wrong

  1. Remember to bring that small save a dive on the boat
  2. Spare batteries
  3. Spare regulator (optional)
  4. Aquaseal & cotol to fix holes overnight
  • NOTE: avoid cotol if you have time for a real repair, it makes the patch inflexible
  • Rebreather toys

    1. Sofnolime to refill your sorb
    2. Spare chanmies so you can swap a set per day
    3. Rebreather specific spares (eg rEvo DSV rebuild orings)

    I put all this in a clear tote (except the sofnolime) I can easily move into the hotel room.

    Comfort goodies

    1. Big water bottle (stay hydrated)
    2. Insulated coffee mug
    3. Snacks for sharing (dry / easily packable for the boat)
    4. Cooler with better snacks / beer for after the dive

    Happy diving!