Typically Open Water Classes are either taught in two ways:

  • Four Days of Classroom & Pool, 1 Weekend of Open Water Dives (e.g. Tues/Thurs, Tues/Thurs & Sat/Sun for Open Waters)
  • Intensive: Two Full Weekends, actually starting on Friday evening.

For the regular four day class, please come prepared to your first night having completed the Knowledge Reviews for the first three chapters of the Open Water Manual.

For the Intensive sessions, you need to be completely DONE with reading the book and ALL of your knowledge reviews before Friday evening.

On your first night we will:

  1. talk logistics
  2. go through our paperwork (ensure it’s signed, filled out correctly, medical releases are in order (if required), etc.
  3. do our Continuous Surface Swim & the Survival Float
  4. learn how to connect your BCD, tank and regulator
  5. potentially complete dives 1 & 2 in the pool

Don’t forget:

  • swimsuit & towel
  • mask, fins & booties and a snorkel [you will also want your gloves for the final day or night so you can practice with them in the in the pool]
  • your Open Water Manual
  • completed knowledge reviews 1-3 (or 1-5)
  • student folder [we’ll fill it out together if you haven’t already completed it]
  • completed medical questionnaire from your doctor, in the event any of the questions were YES

We’ll also be encouraging you to borrow one of the shop wetsuits for the pool, but if you’re planning on going to the tropics anytime soon, buying a 3mm shortie wetsuit before class is a great way to use your own suit in the pool for class.

The Open Water courses include rental scuba gear for open water, so don’t worry about buying all new toys before class. You’ll likely want to chat with us before buying them anyway.