Local travel gear list

When I'm packing for a local overnight dive trip, in addition to all my normal gear, you have to remember those extras that make the experience nicer. Sometimes room in your vehicle will constrain these of course. TL;DR list Your normal dive gear A way to charge everything overnight A way to dry it all [...]

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Pacific Northwest Dive Clubs and Groups

Online dive forums and resources can be a great source of information and help you get excited about learning new techniques, exploring new dive sites or areas, and meeting new dive buddies. Always remember that people's opinions vary, as does their actual experience and knowledge on a subject..so just be aware of that as you get [...]

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A Day of Diving at Alki

Diving at Alki Beach Cove 2 in 2010 Critters by time stamp: 00:02     Vermillion Rockfish 00:28     Giant Pacific Octopuses (2) 00:59     Ling Cod 02:28     Little Red Octopuses (4+) 05:23     Grunt Sculpin 05:34     Gunnel 06:37     Cabezon

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