Alki Fishing Reef

There are two main ways to do this dive, from a boat or scooter from shore.  As a boat dive compared to other spots in the PNW it's good, but as a shore dive it's awesome! Plan to splash 30-45 minutes before slack on flood before ebb so you have the current at your back [...]

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Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs)

There are a number of great Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) available. I personally love my Dive-X CUDA 400. If I had more loot when I bought my scooter, I'd probably have an 1150 just for the increased run time. I rarely use what I have, but when you're trying to plan thirds, a CUDA 1150 sure gives [...]

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PB4Y Privateer

One of my favorite local tech dives is the PB4Y Privateer in Lake Washington, which I affectionately call just "the bomber". It sits in roughly 150' and is only about a 15-17 minute scooter ride from Warren G Magnuson Park. This is NOT a tech-reational dive, nor one I'd do on deep air. The lake [...]

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